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Name this Flower


Nicotiana alata, a self-sown colorIt’s time to bring back the Name this Flower game.

Here is the first entry (July 27, 2016). Go to our Facebook page, like and comment with your answer. First correct answer wins a $10 Gift Certificate.

Don’t be shy. Enter as often as you wish. You can win more than once between now and spring. Just think how much fun you will have shopping!

Hanging Basket Season

K. Reo's hanging basketMarch 28, 2016

Yes, this is the time of year when we are busy planting up hanging baskets. No, it is not too early. Here are the reasons to order your hanging baskets now or return your empty ones for us to plant:

  1. It is much easier to plant a hanging basket right now when all the plant material is small.
  2. By using small plant material, the plants all grow in together forming a beautiful tapestry of color, form and texture.
  3. The very best selection for you to choose from.
  4. You get to visit the greenhouse before we officially open and have a Spring Break!
  5. You have just exactly what you wanted once it is the appropriate time for putting your hanging baskets out.

Here’s how to order your hanging baskets. Call us at the greenhouse, 863-3530, to make sure we are there. Drive out with your baskets and a $15 deposit for each one. Browse the greenhouse, talk to Sabrinajoy or Linzy. Place your order. Leave your phone number. Pick them up in May.

Of course you have visitation rights so you can come by to witness the progress from newly planted to lush and gorgeous.

See you soon.

And don’t forget to Renew or Become a Member.

Thank you to K. R. for providing the photo of this gorgeous hanging basket we planted for her.


Beauty Maker

For LeylaI have a friend who is an artist, producing what I used to think of when talking about someone being an artist. She uses paint and pastels, paper and walls and fabric to create colorful, inspirational works of art. She is the one who designed the logo for Just Dancing Gardens & Greenhouse. And, she is the one, who many years ago, pointed out to me that I am indeed an artist using plants and soil and pots as my medium. That conversation changed the story in my head, the one that had always said I wasn’t an artist and how I wished I was. I am, indeed an artist.

Recently we were talking and she told me that someone had described her as a beauty maker. She is truly that, bringing beauty into the lives of so many people, starting with herself, her home and studio and then with the art work she produces and sells.

A beauty maker, what a wonderful description. I recognized myself in those words and adopted them as a way of describing me and what I do.

I am a beauty maker, whether it is in the colors and fabrics I choose to decorate my home or the way I arrange books, stones and shells on shelves or through the plant choices I make when ordering and then creating container gardens and hanging baskets for you.

I am a beauty maker, creating works of living art with the colors, textures, forms and fragrances of plants. Creating them to bring beauty and joy to you.

February 27, 2016



Early February

It’s the end of the first week of February and it has definitely been a weird winter. In spite of the warm temperatures and the lack of snow, it has definitely been winter, that quiet time of year, little sunshine and, with virtually no snow, a time of little physical activity.

But now the days are getting noticeably longer. The angle of the sun is higher. Birds and squirrels are very active. Yesterday I smelled that good moist earth smell.

Spring is in the air. Seeds are all ordered and arriving. Plant material was ordered months ago. Now is the time of intending the vendors don’t make lots of changes to those orders. Soil ordered to be delivered mid-month. The NOFA bulk order placed.

Are you getting that gardener’s itch, that yearning to have hands in the soil, a palette of blooms before for you, seed packets all in a row as you plant? I know I am.

Here is a short check-list of what you can do:

Clean your gardening tools

If you are a seed starter, make sure you have fresh seeds and supplies

Review your notes from last year

Take a nap and dream of gardens

Mark these dates on your calendar; March 1 we begin accepting hanging baskets at the greenhouse for pre-planting, $15 deposit for each basket. And, we Open for the 2016 Season on April 20.

Renew your Membership with Just Dancing Gardens & Greenhouse or Become a Member. If you spend $250 or more a year with us, a membership rewards you with a bonus or 5-10% depending on your level. How great is that? So why not join today?

Be patient. Soon, very soon, we will be dancing with the green people.

February 5, 2016Pony Tails (Angel Hair) grass in winter


‘Tis the Season

Jaska's wreathGrowing unique plants and creating fabulous, artistic container gardens and hanging baskets for the warm months is what we are known for. But when the holiday season rolls around we shift gears.

The holidays let us express our creativity with greens, cones, ornaments and ribbons. I always say that this time of year is an excuse to play with glitz and glitter. And how I love glittery things.

Now is the time to place your orders. We are offering Hand-tied wreaths as well as Holiday outdoor arrangements and hanging baskets.

Wreaths available in 12″ and 16″. Balsam/Pine or Fancy Mixed Greens. Decorated or not.

To Order or for more information, email:

Greenhouse Hours by Appointment.

Turning 60

Mom's necklace and earringsOn my 50th birthday my Mom gave me the necklace and earrings she wore on the day she married my Dad.

Today is my 60th birthday and my first one without my mother in my life. She did not mail me a card. She will not call me.

Her gift to me this year is learning to live in a world without her and as she always said to me “I always know that you will be o.k.”

Miss you mom. Thank you. July 8, 2015

Happy Birthday

March 2012

Well, I am turning 60 on July 8. Hard to believe but it’s true. To celebrate this momentous event we are having a very special sale. Truly, a once in a life time event. And, we are not selling tired looking annuals and worn out perennials. Our plants are vibrant, healthy and gorgeous.



60% Off All Annuals, Perennials, Shrubs

40% Off All Pottery

30% Off Container Gardens

We have perfect solutions for your gardens and pots.

Closing on July 3 at 3 p.m. Reopening July 5 at 11.



Vacation Proof Succulents

Echeveria, simply beautifulOur class exploring the wonderful, varied world of succulents has been rescheduled. It will be held on Sunday, June 14, 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Pre-registration is required. $ for materials. We have an interesting selection of suitable containers for purchase or bring your own. This is one time when those small pots you have been collecting are useful.

Call the greenhouse to register. 802-863-3530.

Spring Has Arrived at the Vermont Flower Show!

DaffodilsFor three glorious days Spring is here in Vermont. Come on over to the Champlain Valley Expo. Breathe deeply. Smell the hyacinths, lilacs and bark mulch. Be delighted by the ponds, pools and brooks. Visit your favorite vendors. Take in a seminar or two and learn something new. Watch a cooking demo. For kids and the young at heart there is a wonderful room dedicated just to you.

See you there. Friday & Saturday 10-6. Sunday 10-4.

February 27 through March 1, 2015…Spring Reflections.

Daffodils and hyacinths

Spring is coming

Mid-February and you probably are thinking, is she nuts?! It’s weeks and weeks until spring arrives. Has she looked out the window lately?Snow patterns and chairs at greenhouse February 16, 2015

But really, Spring is Coming! The Vermont Flower Show is February 27-March 1. 1,000’s of flowering bulbs, shrubs and trees. Moist soil and mulch. Crazy plant people to talk to. Seminars. Just what all us gardeners need. Get your tickets now. See you there.


Plus, the first baby plants arrive the week of March 2. We will be mixing soil and potting up pansies!

So, Spring is truly on the way. Yes, it is.

Jaska and pansies