Early February


It’s the end of the first week of February and it has definitely been a weird winter. In spite of the warm temperatures and the lack of snow, it has definitely been winter, that quiet time of year, little sunshine and, with virtually no snow, a time of little physical activity.

But now the days are getting noticeably longer. The angle of the sun is higher. Birds and squirrels are very active. Yesterday I smelled that good moist earth smell.

Spring is in the air. Seeds are all ordered and arriving. Plant material was ordered months ago. Now is the time of intending the vendors don’t make lots of changes to those orders. Soil ordered to be delivered mid-month. The NOFA bulk order placed.

Are you getting that gardener’s itch, that yearning to have hands in the soil, a palette of blooms before for you, seed packets all in a row as you plant? I know I am.

Here is a short check-list of what you can do:

Clean your gardening tools

If you are a seed starter, make sure you have fresh seeds and supplies

Review your notes from last year

Take a nap and dream of gardens

Mark these dates on your calendar; March 1 we begin accepting hanging baskets at the greenhouse for pre-planting, $15 deposit for each basket. And, we Open for the 2016 Season on April 20.

Renew your Membership with Just Dancing Gardens & Greenhouse or Become a Member. If you spend $250 or more a year with us, a membership rewards you with a bonus or 5-10% depending on your level. How great is that? So why not join today?

Be patient. Soon, very soon, we will be dancing with the green people.

February 5, 2016Pony Tails (Angel Hair) grass in winter


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