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Veggie Varieties 2017



‘Galine’ passes with flying colors every year, producing an abundance of glossy purple traditional American eggplants. Dependable even in the north and early. 72 days.

‘Rosa Bianca’. There are many varieties of eggplant available and we have grown a  number of different varieties over the years.  After many trials we have nominated ‘Rosa Bianca’ as our favorite. It is a beautiful Italian heirloom with   rosy-purple skin.  The flesh is creamy white and never bitter.  If you don’t like  the bitterness or seeds of eggplant, try this one.  It will change your mind.  Heavy yields. 75 days.


Peppers love heat. They don’t like wind. They love epsom salts. And they actually like to be touching their neighbors. I always have the best results when growing peppers in pots, two or three plants in a 12″ or 14″ pot, depending on the variety. Place the pots in full sun in a location that is out of the wind. If planting in the ground, plant them close together, close enough that their leaves touch and, if possible, out of the wind. Our gardens out at the greenhouse are very windy. Peppers always struggle there. Last year we had more success with them when we planted them in the center of taller plants that provided a bit of a wind break.

Pepper, Sweet:  For the very best flavor from your sweet peppers allow them to ripen, green  = unripe, before picking. You will be delighted by the flavor.

‘Carmen’, Large, sweet, horn-shaped Italian frying pepper. Prolific and delicious. 70  days.

‘Gourmet’, hybrid. 65 days green, 85 days orange ripe. Thick, juicy with a fruity sweet flavor. Easy to grow under a variety of conditions.

‘King of the North’, open pollinated. 57 days green, 68 days red ripe. Very early. Thick walled. Reliably produces even in cool weather.

Pepper, Hot: For salsa, spicing up stir fries and drying.  2 varieties offered this year.

‘Ancho/Poblano’, open-pollinated. 65 days green, 85 days red ripe. These  peppers are known as Poblano when green and Ancho when dried.  Traditionally used for roasting or drying for chili powder and sauces. Large  fruit. Very productive. Mildly hot.

‘Jalafuego’, hybrid.  70 days green, 93 days red ripe. Very high yielding jalapeno. Medium heat. Usually used green.


Sun-ripened, warm & juicy

The Taste of Summer

 So what exactly does determinate, indeterminate and semi-determinate mean?

Determinate: Compact plants, usually 3-4 feet tall. They stop growing when fruit sets on the top bud. Fruit ripens at about the same time, usually over a 1-2 week period. After the last ripe tomato is picked the plant is done for the season.

Indeterminate: These are NOT compact plants. They keep growing, flowering and setting fruit until frost kills them. Expect at least 6 foot tall plants, if not taller. If you want yummy tomatoes throughout the season, grow indeterminate varieties.

Semi-determinate: Main crop produced as in determinates but will also continue to grow and produce fruit until frost.

Cherry Tomatoes – We have tested many varieties over the years under widely different conditions.  Matt’s and Sun Gold are winners every year.  Let us know what you think. 5 varieties.

‘Matt’s Wild Cherry’, 55 days.  Open pollinated.  Indeterminate.  Excellent disease resistance.  Exceptional tomato flavor. Copious quantities, really copious, of  very small, deep red cherry tomatoes.  Very vigorous plant. Give it a lot of  space and stake it with extra sturdy stakes, no wimpy tomato cages for this  one. Jaska’s favorite for drying. Very limited quantities due to poor germination.

‘Patio Choice Yellow’. 50-60 days. Hybrid. Determinate. small, cascading plants perfect for patio pots. Prolific producer of bright yellow fruits.

‘Sun Gold’, hybrid.  57 days.  Indeterminate.  Orange-gold fruits are very sweet and delicious. Huge yields over a long season.

‘Tiny Tim’, open pollinated.  60 days.  Only 15” tall but produces huge quantities of  small, tasty fruits.  Always popular and sells out quickly. The perfect companion for your pots of herbs on your patio or deck.

‘Tumbling Tom Red’. 70 days. Hybrid. Indeterminate. Terrific plants for large containers or hanging baskets. Tasty.

Tomato, Paste/drying:

‘Speckled Roman’, 85 days. Open pollinated. Indeterminate. A favorite every year. So tasty that we usually eat every one of them fresh! Excellent flavor and beautiful with red skin speckled with yellow.

Slicing Tomatoes – So many varieties that it is always a challenge to choose which ones to grow. This year we really trimmed our offerings as the last couple of years we have ended the season with too many left over plants. If we did not grow your absolute favorite, please let us know and we will look at adding it back in for 2018.

‘Abraham Lincoln’, heirloom. 87 days. Indeterminate. Big, sweet and meaty.  Also good for juice.  A winner every year in our taste tests.

‘Aunt Ruby’s German Green’, 85 days. Open pollinated. Indeterminate. Beefsteak type but it is green! Excellent flavor. When ripe the fruits will blush yellow with an amber-pink tinge on the blossom end.If you keep an eye on these and  don’t let them get too soft before picking, you will be rewarded with big tomato taste. Flesh is green marbled with pink.

‘Better Bush’, 68 days. Hybrid. Determinate. Big 4″ fruits with that delicious real tomato flavor. Produces all summer long. Plants are about 4′ tall so can be grown in a large container or in the grown. Strong central stem means little or no staking.

‘Copia’, 85 days. Open pollinated. Indeterminate. Pretty to look at with a sweet, juicy flavor. Striped golden-yellow and candy-red on the outside with swirls of color in the flesh. We have loved this tomato since 2012.

‘Cosmonaut Volkov’, open pollinated.  68 days.  Indeterminate.  Main season tomato. Sweet and tart taste.  One of our favorites.

‘Moskvich’, heirloom.  60 days.  Indeterminate.  Extra early, cold tolerant.  Rich, smooth taste.  Great meaty slicer, but also excellent for canning and salsa. Jaska’s favorite tomato.

‘Paul Robeson’, heirloom.  78 days.  Indeterminate.  Named in honor of Paul Robeson, athlete, famous baritone, orator and linguist fluent in 15 languages, to name a few of his accomplishments.  Big, sweet and smoky with a tang.  Sandwich tomato.