Beauty Maker

For LeylaI have a friend who is an artist, producing what I used to think of when talking about someone being an artist. She uses paint and pastels, paper and walls and fabric to create colorful, inspirational works of art. She is the one who designed the logo for Just Dancing Gardens & Greenhouse. And, she is the one, who many years ago, pointed out to me that I am indeed an artist using plants and soil and pots as my medium. That conversation changed the story in my head, the one that had always said I wasn’t an artist and how I wished I was. I am, indeed an artist.

Recently we were talking and she told me that someone had described her as a beauty maker. She is truly that, bringing beauty into the lives of so many people, starting with herself, her home and studio and then with the art work she produces and sells.

A beauty maker, what a wonderful description. I recognized myself in those words and adopted them as a way of describing me and what I do.

I am a beauty maker, whether it is in the colors and fabrics I choose to decorate my home or the way I arrange books, stones and shells on shelves or through the plant choices I make when ordering and then creating container gardens and hanging baskets for you.

I am a beauty maker, creating works of living art with the colors, textures, forms and fragrances of plants. Creating them to bring beauty and joy to you.

February 27, 2016