Being a farm woman

Me green hat, facebook sizePeter Miller said, there is a humanity in the way farm women relate to other people through what they produce. Agriculture is more of a calling to these women than a way of making a living.”

These words resonate with me. Yes, I am a farm woman. I do not grow food or milk cows or goats. But I consider myself a farm woman. I am a grower of ornamental plants, working with the magic and energy of growing things and soil. Through these plants, beauty and smiles, joy and success are brought forth. I speak the language of plants and share their messages with the customers entering my greenhouse. I sing and dance with them, sometimes shed tears, and all of that is exchanged with every person I am blessed to meet during the growing season. I remember the names of the flowers, what they like and do not like and I make an effort to do the same for each eager, hopeful, experienced or new gardener.

Being a grower, being an artist with plants, is truly a calling for me. Even when I am so tired I can barely stand up, I am grateful that I get to do it all over again. Grateful that I can hear the flowers, the herbs, the foliage calling to me and inspiring me. Grateful that I can share this passion and this joy with all of you.


June 2, 2014