February Sun

Temperature, seven degrees above zero. Wind out of the north. Wind chill, seven degrees below zero. Don’t want to be out there long with unprotected skin.

But the blessing of the February sun is this. Move to a sheltered spot where the wind does not find you. Stand with the light of the sun full on you. Feel it? Warmth! Feel your spirit unfold and relax.

Yes, we are in that part of the cycle that is moving us around towards spring. Already the sun rises earlier and farther to the east. He rides the sky higher each day and sets later. The birds are singing and flirting and drumming out the rhythms of this rebirth.

Soon the earth will begin her warming, releasing the sweet fragrance of moist soil. Tiny green shoots will appear. Flowers and leaves will unfurl.

Today is a good day to sit in a sheltered spot and soak up the rays of the blessed sun. Let some of that winter be melted away. This day is a promise, a gift.