Morning Ritual

Good morning. Chartreuse flowers of Mrs. Maple against the sapphire blue sky.Early morning visit with the weather…checking in…what’s happening out here today? A ritual I have engaged in for many years now. First cup of tea while I listen and look. Sometimes I only stand inside the garage and look out if the rain is pouring down. Often I sit under Mrs. Maple for this quiet blessed time before the business of the day gets in to full swing. A walk around the gardens reveals new wonders in the spring…this morning the neighbor’s cherry tree is blooming! Quiet time outside with the sounds and sights of nature. Making connections. Sometimes I talk to the weather or the birds or the plants or myself. Giving thanks to the robin singing his cheerful song. Giving thanks for the rain last night that quenched the thirst of the green ones. Giving thanks that I have this new day, in this body, on this earth.