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Just Dancing Gardens & Greenhouse is the place for you if you are looking for awesome annuals, fragrant herbs, delicious tomato varieties for your garden, lush hanging baskets and container gardens, something out of the ordinary, personalized,  knowledgeable service and FUN!

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For this trip I chose the jewel-box greenhouses-tiny to small, mom-and-pop, mom-and-daughter…operations. I focused on those who propagate and grow a substantial amount of their plant material on site…What I found were not only healthy, alluring plants at a fair price, but hard-working, dedicated niche entrepreneurs who have higher plant passion than paycheck and are generous with service and knowledge…Sabrina Joy Milbury distinguishes her Just Dancing Gardens & Greenhouse operation by supplying custom crafted container plantings to gardeners. With space at a premium in her tiny yard and greenhouse, she stocks the unexpected.  She grows a fuzzy purple flower called Ptilotus ‘Joey’, her signature Dragon Wing begonias and 21 varieties of tomatoes… ~Cheryl Dorschner in The Burlington Free Press, May 29, 2010