I believe in magic…in miracles. Yes, I do. When I hold a hand full of seeds I am in the presence of magic…I can feel it flowing from the seeds, in to my hand, up my arm, throughout my entire body. Magic lives within each one of those tiny seeds. Think about it…a seed holds within its hard coat all that is required for life to burst forth when given the right temperature, right moisture, right light conditions. Life bursts forth from this tiny thing…some of them so tiny you can barely see them…and yet, life lies within them…waiting, just waiting. I am the sower of this magic when I engage in the meditation of seeding a flat of moist potting soil with these seeds of shiny black or lumpy brown or pearly white. Some of these bits of magic are so eager to burst forth that they will germinate in 24 hours when the flat is placed on a nice, toasty heat mat. 24 hours to go from a hard seed to a bright green cotyledon! 24 hours…that is magic. I have been sowing seeds for many years…have sowed thousands of seeds…and yet, I am always delighted when those first green shoots appear. Time and again I dance a happy dance when I witness the magic I have been blessed to be a partner in. Yes, I believe in magic…I hold it in my hands every time I sow some seeds.