Saying Yes

Dessert Night arrangements Feb 2014Dessert Night, a fun evening of fabulous singing, instrumentals and fine art served with yummy desserts and beverages. It is an opportunity for the community to see what amazing talent our young people have and it is a fund raiser for the music and fine arts departments at South Burlington High School. My daughter was a sophmore the first year I volunteered to seek donated flowers and arrange them for the tables. That was in 2000. I did them in 2001 and 2002. Jaska graduated in 2002. It is now 2014. I just delivered 46 mini vases to school.

Why do I keep saying “yes” when the choral director calls and asks if I would be willing to do it again? I don’t have any kids in the school system any longer. So why say “yes”?

I say “yes” because it is a way to give back.

I say “yes” because I firmly believe in the immense value of music and art as a part of  the school experience. I know that singing or painting or drawing is what motivates some students who otherwise see no value in school. If I can be a small part of making sure that opportunity is there, then I am going to play that part.

I say “yes” because it feels right and good and true.

And, on a purely selfish level, I get to play, for a few hours, with colorful, fragrant flowers in the dead of winter.

Yeah for saying “Yes”!