Sunday Morning Meditation

Blue sky…Sunshine…Quiet…Warm…Just me and the Green People in the greenhouse. I take a seat and pull a tray of pansies up, settling it on my lap. The delicate fragrance of their flowers float up all around me. Delicious. Soothing. I begin to pinch off the spent flowers…one by one…they go in to the compost bucket. The pansies and I are whispering to each other…I praise their beauty and hardiness (these are the pansies that were frozen on Saturday morning)…they thank me for my love and attention. The rhythm of pinching and dropping the flowers…standing up to take the tray outside…settling down with another tray to begin pinching and whispering…quiets me, centers me. All is as it should be on this quiet Sunday morning.

When I look down I see that even the compost bucket is pretty.Even the compost bucket is beautiful