The Names We Use

These days I call myself Sabrinajoy. Why you might ask if you are one of the many who knew me prior to 2005. Here is the story. My birth name is Sabrina, and my birth middle name is Joy. I grew up with everyone calling me Sabrina except for my sister; she calls me Sis. As I grew up and became aware of the inner dialogue I had with myself, I realized that I did not think of myself as Sabrina. I always thought of and addressed myself as Sabrinajoy. Yes, I do talk to myself. When I took a seminar in 2005 and was asked what name I wanted to be called over the weekend, I told them, Sabrinajoy. That felt right, true, good. So, I started telling people my name was Sabrinajoy beginning in late 2005. You see, part of why I am here, in this body, at this time, is to have joy and beauty be present. If you say “Sabrinajoy” a little bit of joy goes out into the world as you speak. So, to call myself Sabrinajoy, is consistent with who I am and what I am up to.

Getting people to call me Sabrinajoy has been interesting. This is New England, after all, and people do not, as a rule, have two-part first names. In the south it is more common as it is in Montreal where every other person has a two-part name. People either totally ignore that I just told them my name was Sabrinajoy and call me Sabrina. Or they stop and make a comment about how beautiful a name it is.

My name is Sabrinajoy. Feel the little bit of joy that goes out into the world when you say that. Allow it to touch you and uplift you.

I know people who tell me that they absolutely do not like their name. And yet they still use it. Consider that the words we use create our world. If every time you hear your name you cringe, what are you creating? If you do not love your name, it does not resonate and ring true for you, why not change it? What name do you wish to be called?