The Sweetness of February

Many people, here in the Northeast, profess to disliking the month of February…intensely disliking it, as a matter of fact. They dislike it so much that many of them escape to warmer places sometime around mid-month. I, on the other hand, confess to absolutely loving February. I know, the look on your face right now is “she’s nuts!” But for me, February is sweet…the sweet sight of sun in a blue, blue sky…sun we haven’t seen for many weeks. The sweet touch of warmth from that sun…warmth that we haven’t felt since October. The days, noticeably longer, feel like a gift. The robins return in huge flocks…how can one be unhappy in the presence of such joy? Mr. Cardinal begins to sing, and sing loudly, his “pretty bird, pretty bird” song. The crows still mass in the late afternoon but now when they lift off they are flying across a soft blue February sky, the light slanting low as the sun begins to set. Off in the distance I hear a Carolina Wren calling “tea kettle, tea kettle.” Sap begins to flow in the sugar maples and the sugar houses are ready, waiting for that first boil. Potting soil has been delivered…the countdown begins to the arrival of the pansy plugs. Yes, February is full of sweetness.We are circling around towards spring and all the signs point that way.