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Our Misson

Just Dancing Gardens and Greenhouse is a fun, quirky little greenhouse/garden center dedicated to growing beautiful ornamental plants for the home gardener. We believe in the magic that lies within a seed and every rooted cutting…the potential each of them holds to provide beauty, food for the soul and food for the body. We provide exceptional customer service, working with and listening to you, to ensure you leave with the plants that fit your desires and growing conditions. With 20 years experience growing in the greenhouse and more than 30 years experience gardening, we draw upon our extensive knowledge to answer your questions and help you be successful.

We have an eclectic selection of unusual flowering annuals, foliage plants, herbs and veggie starts as well as ready-to-go hanging baskets and container gardens. We specialize and take pride in our Custom Container Gardens. Perennials, shrubs and pottery round out our offerings. We grow what we love. We grow what you love. We grow what we know works. We love what we do. We are sure you will be delighted by your experience when you visit us. Many of our loyal customers have become Members. You, too, can become a Member and begin enjoying benefits.

Unexpected intrusions of beauty. That is what life is.

~Saul Bellow~

Our Mission is to have Joy and Beauty be present in the world!

Who We Are

Sabrina Joy

Owner & Creative Genius Encyclopedia Silliness Committee Chair Teacher

Linzy Vos

Perennial Pro, Supreme Potting Up Specialist, Partner in Silliness, Artist, Painter and Repair Guru Attempts to manage Sabrinajoy

Andy Johnson

Husband extraordinaire, Engineering guru, Detail guy, Serious committee chair

A Video Message from Sabrina Joy

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Mamun Shikdar