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For Leyla

Beauty Maker


I have a friend who is an artist, producing what I used to think of when talking about someone being an artist. She uses paint and pastels, paper and walls and fabric to create colorful, inspirational works of art. She is the one who designed the logo for Just Dancing Gardens & Greenhouse. And, she […]

Pony Tails (Angel Hair) grass in winter

Early February


It’s the end of the first week of February and it has definitely been a weird winter. In spite of the warm temperatures and the lack of snow, it has definitely been winter, that quiet time of year, little sunshine and, with virtually no snow, a time of little physical activity. But now the days […]

Jaska and pansies

Spring is coming


Mid-February and you probably are thinking, is she nuts?! It’s weeks and weeks until spring arrives. Has she looked out the window lately? But really, Spring is Coming! The Vermont Flower Show is February 27-March 1. 1,000’s of flowering bulbs, shrubs and trees. Moist soil and mulch. Crazy plant people to talk to. Seminars. Just […]

Dessert Night arrangements Feb 2014

Saying Yes


Dessert Night, a fun evening of fabulous singing, instrumentals and fine art served with yummy desserts and beverages. It is an opportunity for the community to see what amazing talent our young people have and it is a fund raiser for the music and fine arts departments at South Burlington High School. My daughter was […]

Snowy day bright colors

Snow Day


Soft snow steadily shifts down Pure white Quiet, I can actually hear the flakes as they touch down A walk around the gardens reveals magical forms An Asclepias pod that looks like a duck Tiny elf faces appear in the Ilex Dry Hydrangea wears a fluffy snow hat An empty urn, waiting for lush plants, […]

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